Below shows every change since the last public version. We try to keep this list updated but excuse us if there are any missing changes!

# Module Type Description Version Date
0ClientChangedClient Entity Streamer has Priority order to it now.0.2a2 days ago
1APIAddedCan edit NPC's visual components & headblends0.2a1 week ago
2APIChangedMove Ped visual editing funtions from API::Player to API::Entity0.2a1 week ago
3Client/ServerAddedCan now create static Npc's0.2a1 week ago
4ClientChangedPlayer Appearances stored on the client and requested once on connect, Reduces network usage.0.2a2 weeks ago
5Client/ServerAddedDynamic Objects Synced0.2a2 weeks ago
6ClientAddedClient Entity Streamer0.2a3 weeks ago
7ClientAddedEarly Implementation of CEF0.2a3 weeks ago
8APIAddedShowMessageAboveMapToPlayer0.2a1 month ago
9ServerFixedVehicles heading is now factored into the Quaternion data thus displaying correctly on the client0.2a1 month ago
10Server/APIFixedSetPosition() now sets vehicles and objects positions0.2a1 month ago
11Server/APIAddedDestory() can now destroy objects0.2a1 month ago
12Server/APIAddedGetRotation(entity) & SetRotation(entity)0.2a1 month ago
13Server/APIAddedGetQuaternion(entity) & SetQuaternion(entity)0.2a1 month ago
14Server/APIAdded CreateObjectWithHRotation(int hash, CVector3 position, CVector3 rotation, bool dynamic);0.2a1 month ago
15Server/APIAddedCreateObjectWithRotation(std::string model, CVector3 position, CVector3 rotation, bool dynamic);0.2a1 month ago
16Server/APIAddedCreateObjectWithHash(int hash, CVector3 position, CVector4 quaternion, bool dynamic);0.2a1 month ago
17Server/APIAddedCreateObject(std::string model, CVector3 position, CVector4 quaternion, bool dynamic);0.2a1 month ago
18Server/APIAddedGet/SetModel and Synced0.2a1 month ago
19Server/APIAddedGet/SetPlayerComponent and Synced0.2a1 month ago
20Server/APIAddedGet/SetPlayerHeadBlend and Synced0.2a1 month ago
21Server/APIAddedGet/SetPlayerHeadOverlay and Synced0.2a1 month ago
22Server/APIAddedGet/SetPlayerProp and Synced0.2a1 month ago
23Server/APIAddedGet/SetPlayerFaceFeature and Synced0.2a1 month ago
24ServerAddedLua: Vehicle Object added0.2a1 month ago
25Client/ServerAddedSynced Engine data (RPM, Acceleration & Gear)0.2a1 month ago
26Client/ServerAddedSynced wheelangle0.2a1 month ago
27ServerFixedLua module fixed and now works on linux0.2a1 month ago
28Server/ClientAddedServer now tells the clients when a player disconnects0.2a1 month ago
29APIAddedAPI::Entity::Destroy(entity)0.2a1 month ago
30ClientAddedGTA `Enter Vehicle` Key override to get in vehicles as driver or passenger0.2a1 month ago
31ServerFixedLinux Server not sending sync data to players0.2a1 month ago
32ServerFixedMissing libraries on non-dev linux servers0.2a1 month ago
33Server/APIFixedOnPlayerConnecting & OnPlayerConnected crashes0.2a2 months ago
34ServerFixedNetwork Manager related crashes0.2a2 months ago
35Server/APIFixedServer crashed when using the API::World functions0.2a2 months ago
36ClientAddedClient is now aware when it's connection to the server is lost and resets accordingly0.2a2 months ago
37Client/ServerAddedLaid foundations for dynamic objects in the physics assignment system0.2a2 months ago
38ClientAddedPlayers are now placed inside the vehicle they are driving0.2a2 months ago
39Client/ServerFixedFighting between clients of drivers and foot players taking ownership of a vehicle causing undesired issues0.2a2 months ago
40Client/ServerAddedSynced driver seats and prevented players getting in the driver if occupied0.2a2 months ago
41Client/ServerAddedAssignment System for physics sync in a 50m radius on a player.0.2a2 months ago
42ClientFixedLoad the Scene of the players SetPosition cords first then send them there.0.2a2 months ago
43ClientFixedCleared weather overrides0.2a2 months ago
44ClientFixedPaused the Game Clock0.2a2 months ago
45ClientFixedRemoved the Games Default Stunt Jumps0.2a2 months ago
46ClientFixedRemoved the Games Default Hospital Spawns0.2a2 months ago
47Server/ClientAddedTime & Weather synced on connect0.2a2 months ago
48Server/APIAddedGetWeather & SetWeather0.2a2 months ago
49Server/APIAddedGetTime & SetTime0.2a2 months ago
50Server/ClientAddedVehicle position synchronization0.2a2 months ago
51APIChangedOnPlayerConnected now receives the players entityid & playerid0.2a2 months ago
52APIAddedPlayers now have playerid's0.2a2 months ago
53APIAddedCreateVehicle(string model, CVector3 position, float heading)0.2a2 months ago
54ClientAddedQuaternion interpolation0.2a2 months ago
55ClientFixedDeath no longer causes the whole client to stop0.2a2 months ago
56APIChangedfunctions Set<object>Position and Get<object>Position have been deprecated0.2a2 months ago
57Server/APIChangedOnPlayerConnected now receives the server entity id of the connected player0.2a2 months ago
58Server/APIAddedGetPosition(entity) & SetPosition(entity)0.2a2 months ago
59Server/ClientAddedServer entities share a single ID pool0.2a2 months ago
60CEFAddedNow has its own executable0.2a2 months ago
61ClientAddedSupport for DirectX 10 or 10.10.2a2 months ago
62ClientChangedNo longer have to define whether you're using Steam or not0.2a2 months ago
63ClientChangedUpdated CEF to the latest stable branch0.2a2 months ago
64APIChangedCan now set picture, icontype, sender & subject of ShowMessageAboveMap0.2a2 months ago
65ClientFixedSome missing client network messages0.2a2 months ago
66APIAddedThe start of the API wrapper to make it clean & simple for people to understand and extend.0.2a2 months ago
67ServerFixedShowMessageAboveMap returning an int0.2a2 months ago
68ServerAddedOnPlayerConnecting & OnPlayerConnected to LUA Extension0.2a2 months ago
69ClientAddedImGui0.2a2 months ago
70ClientAddedDirectX hook0.2a2 months ago
71ServerFixedCallback return values0.2a2 months ago
72ServerAddedAPI OnPlayerConnecting Callback0.2a2 months ago
73ServerAddedAPI OnPlayerConnected Callback0.2a2 months ago
74ServerChangedPlugin loader can now load multiple plugin's0.2a2 months ago
75Client & ServerAddedShowMessageAboveMap Sender & Reciver Functions0.2a2 months ago
76Client & ServerAddedRPC Manager0.2a2 months ago
77ServerChangedLinux version also connects to masterserver now0.2a2 months ago
78ServerFixedSeveral issues with Linux version of the server0.2a2 months ago
79ClientAddedBasic synchronization of models and weapons0.2a2 months ago
80ClientAddedAnimal movement animations0.2a2 months ago
81ClientAddedAdded Walk/Run/Sprint human/generic animations0.2a2 months ago
82ClientAddedLoads the MP GTAV map now0.2a2 months ago
83ClientAddedInterior/World doors unlocked on tick when close enough0.2a2 months ago
84ClientAddedConfigable option to enable the Editor Replay scripts0.2a2 months ago
85ClientAddedScript Cleanup pulse0.2a2 months ago
86Client & ServerFixedAn issue where config files were not read on Linux/Debug has been resolved0.2a2 months ago
87ClientAddedBackwards compatibility for v1.0.877.1 via an option in the client config0.2a3 months ago
88ClientAddedConfiguration file0.2a3 months ago
89ServerFixedPlayers removed on timeout0.2a3 months ago
90ClientNoneVehicles/Peds spawned by the game are removed0.2a3 months ago
91ClientNoneDisabled scriptengine0.2a3 months ago
92ClientFixedPlayers now removed on disconnect0.2a3 months ago
93ServerAddedConfiguration file0.2a3 months ago
94ServerAddedLinux support0.2a3 months ago
95ServerAddedBasic Lua module0.2a3 months ago
96ServerAddedConnection to masterserver v20.2a3 months ago
97ClientAddedPlayer blips0.2a3 months ago
98Client & ServerFixedUsing very minimal amounts of bandwidth now0.2a3 months ago
99Client & ServerAddedBasic on-foot synchronization0.2a3 months ago

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